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The sole purpose of Alahazrat foundation is to motivate each believer to become a true believer, inspiring them to remain steadfast in fulfilling the commands of Allah Almighty and the beloved messenger (Peace and blessings be upon him)


Established by Mohammad Farooque Raza Ashrafi sahab under guidance of great scholar Maulana Shabbir Ahmed on 8 may,2019, Alahazrat foundation

Minimum Resources

With minimum resources, the organisation attempts to serve the Deen to the best of its ability. This is through the grace of almighty Allah and the blessings of our beloved prophet

Non Political

Alahazrat foundation is a sunni sahihul aqida and islamic non-profit organization that has nothing to do with terrorism or any acts which are contrary to the command of Allah and his rasool

Why Work With Us

Till date Sunni community did not have hadith app but we are making "True Islam App" in which work of entry of hadith sharif is going on

ROMAN QURAN - Till date Sunni community did not have tarjuma of quran (Kanzul Iman) sharif in "Roman English" language but we have added Tarjuma in the app

AQAID - Till date we keep going here and there for the arguments of sunni aqaid but we have added aqaid details with proof in the app

SUNNI CALL CENTER - Till date Sunni community didn't have "Sunni Call Center" but we are running "Sunni Call Center" where people ask their questions through call or whatsapp (Sunni Call Center Number +917710809266)

FREE LIBRARY - We are running a free library in which people are taught islamic knowledge and also ijtima are kept weekly for men and women

AQAID - Till date we keep going here and there for the arguments of sunni aqaid but we have added aqaid details with proof in the app

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“Amazing hardwork done for people who don't know urdu or arabic. Hats off to the team of AlaHazrat foundation. May Allah and RasoolAllah be pleased with the kind of work done by the team to help the Ummah. Great app, appreciation and pray that you continue the work ahead”

Mohammad Shoaib
Member of foundation

“Masha Allah. Great App, looking for such app since long.”

Imran Khan
A google user

“Your app was very useful. And very help in daily life. And also to solve MASLAK questions. And it was very helpful to answer wahabi and other firke. App give very high level of knowledge. True Islam easy to read the Holy Book QURAN”

Muhammad Anas Raza
A google user
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